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Keto Gourmet Chef is a culinary portal aimed at eradicating the world of degenerative disease and obesity by introducing a lifestyle eating programme designed to afford our bodies protection from degenerative disease brought upon by the oxidative phosphorylation attributed to metabolism through the glycolysis process.

Research now recognises obesity and ill-health are metabolic diseases which occur at a cellular level. Furthermore, it is imperative we understand how the foods we eat dictate which of the two metabolic activities our bodies choose to use.

The key objective is in keeping insulin levels as low as possible. When this is achieved, we are able to enter the alternative metabolic state of ketosis and in so doing, institute the necessary metabolic therapy in order to heal ourselves.

Nutritional ketosis is achieved by dramatically reducing our carbohydrate intake. When glucose levels in the blood reach 76 mmol/L or less, only then are we truly in a ketogenic state. This means we are permanently burning our own body fat and the fat we eat for energy.

Ketogenesis is when the body metabolises fat for fuel. Burning fat for fuel is preferential given it is a cleaner metabolic activity which produces less oxidation thereby protecting our cells from inflammation associated with oxidative stress.

In order to benefit from a ketogenic metabolism, we need to avoid sugar in all its forms. This is because sugar can only be metabolised through the glycolysis process and given we cannot metabolise both ways at the same time, sugar will result in us being thrown out of ketosis.

The glycolysis process is oxidation intensive. When oxidation occurs, a harmful by-product is released into the body. This by-product is known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) aka free radicals.

Free radicals are the biological rust that damages our energy producing cells – mitochondria.

Imagine being in a washing machine filled with iron fillings – this is the effect free radicals have on our cells. This abrasive action results in the outer membranes of the mitochondrial cell becoming damaged – burst.

When our cells become impaired like this, their function becomes compromised and it is at this point that degenerative disease starts.

HFLC – High Fat; Moderate Protein; Low Carb

In order to rid ourselves of obesity and degenerative disease, we need to pay attention to the macro nutrients we consume and ensure we consume these in the right proportions.

Our daily caloric intake needs to be weighted as follows:

70% Fat; 25% Protein and 5% carbohydrates.

The component which tends to be the thorn in the side is Protein. It is understandable that given our drastic reduction in carbohydrates, we will naturally look to an alternative nutrient. Given we are unaccustomed to eating large quantities of fat, we generally tend to consume protein in excess.

The body treats excess protein in the same way as carbohydrates. Once again, this requires the glycolysis process – the metabolic activity we are trying to avoid at all costs!

This website is the resource to how you get into nutritional ketosis? How to remain in nutritional ketosis? and most importantly, how to make nutritional ketosis a way of life?


Welcome to Olivier Crespin, self-proclaimed Chef, Host, Practitioner, Writer and Mentor.

Embrace And Celebrate Your Misgivings, For In Them Lies The Action You Will Execute In Discovering Your Life’s Purpose.

Life for me has been a mixed bag. It was only until such time as I was able to accept my shortcomings that I was able to embrace the gift we know as Life.

Born an only child, into a Belgian family which relocated to South Africa in the late ’60’s, I grew up, like many under the guidance a single parent.

Given our situation, I spent 12 years in private schooling establishments as my mother believed education to be the single best investment she could afford me.

Life as an only child was instrumental in developing the character and skill set I have today. Admittedly, I made many mistakes, bad decisions and threw away many valuable years to the childish notion that life was easy. I lived with an air of superiority, entitlement and arrogance – with enough desire and self-will, I could conquer the world.

Life cut me down to size with the precision of a sickle.

On 30th March 2006, I lost my mother to colon cancer. It was the most difficult experience I have ever had to face. Besides witnessing the daily challenges and difficulties my mother faced, I was also tasked with upholding a promise, ensuring she should die with dignity and grace.

In the years spanning 2002 – 2006 I was to lose my entire family besides one. Death came in the form of cancer, most of the time.

But it was only in 2016 that my life began to transition and to transform. I came to realise and accept I had a problem with alcohol. This was to provide me with my most profound teachings. The time to grow up.

I learnt a great many things; alcohol was merely the “crutch” I used in order to appease the thoughts and discussions my Ego insisted upon.

This was the most important education of my life. It helped me find serenity. It allowed me to find the “true” me. No longer did I have to live in denial or in the shadow of another’s wish for me. I could just be.

It was not a particularly simple road, in fact, it resulted in one of the loneliest times of my life but ultimately I believe it was both necessary and worth it.

I have found the true meaning of Life. I know what to appreciate, how to let go of the things that no longer serve me and how to believe in Hope and the support of the Universe.

Most of all, I have learnt how to live and love myself with only one requirement necessary, the Spiritual relationship I share with God.

Bang Away At Your Own Drum – Just Never Lose Rhythm Of The Beat

A Welcome Letter To Newcomers

Dear KGC Newbie,


A hearty welcome and thank you for investing the time to explore what it is we have to offer.

It is quite possible you arrive here heavy-hearted. Maybe someone close to you is anguished, suffering at the prospect their life is at an end?

Alternatively, it may be you have a problem of your own. Just know you are in safe hands.

Firstly, I need to give you some good news (depending on how you look at it).

I want you to know, if you have failed miserably in the past in your quest at bettering your health  – albeit weight related or sickness related, I would urge you to forgive yourself. You never had a chance at obtaining any results.

Here is why……

Those at the Top of Industry have been lying to you all along. It is with difficulty I confirm that BIG BUSINESS has ensured you remain FAT and has ensured you become and remain, SICK.

It is for this reason, I ask you to forget everything you have ever been told about weight loss and degenerative disease.

Reset your mindset – believe you are listening to life-saving solutions for the very first time and please embrace and share this information with everyone you know. As will become evident, not only do we have problems of our own to solve, we have to rid the world of the unethical and mercenary tactics that have been levelled at us by BIG FOOD and BIG PHARMA.

It is the responsibility of every single one of us to educate the world about the deception we are currently facing and to insist those who provide us with food and health services, do so in accordance with that which serves us best.

Our lives are more important than corporate riches!

I am confident in assuring you, the information in these pages will warrant results and if you incorporate these practices into your lifestyle, you shall live a happy and healthy life, capitalising on the precious time you have with your grandchildren and loved ones.

May God Bless you abundantly,

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